cast tab no devices found error

cast tab no devices found error

cast tab no devices found error in chromecast while trying in chrome browser. Chrome browser showing no devices found in windows 10.

Backup restore site collection sharepoint

Backup restore site collection sharepoint is the mostly requested task for administrator. As an admin, you should know how to backup sharepoint site collection. When you need to migrate site collection from one environemnt to another environent Example Production to QA mostly, we follow the sharepoint back up restore method. It can be sharepoint content database backup restore method or only backup and restore site using powershell method.

Managed path in sharepoint web application

Managed path in sharepoint web application used to define or manage path of web application, so as to create sites collection categorically. There are 2 types of managed path “Wildcard Inclusion”,”Explicit Inclusion”.

Anonymous access policy in sharepoint web application

Anonymous access policy in sharepoint web application is created for public facing sites, which can be accessed by users having no permission in the site. Anonymous access permission setting is disabled by default. No prompt for user credentials while accessing these anonymous contents is required.

SharePoint administrator roles and responsibilities

Understanding SharePoint administrator roles and responsibilities is very important. You might be thinking what are actually sharepoint administrator responsibilities tasks list are. What are administrative support duties. Sharepoint administrator responsibilities categorized as daily task, weekly task and monthly task.

Install SSL trusted root Intermediate certificate

Install SSL certificate trusted root certificate Intermediate certificate is required on sharepoint servers which is provided by Certification Authority. SSL is a security protocol that establishes a secure connection by providing encrypted connection between server and client, typically between server and client browser. So, its mandatory to install ssl certificate in servers.

Delete SharePoint site subsite permanently

Delete SharePoint site subsite on premise environment is a common task for administrator. You might be thinking how to permanently delete a SharePoint site collection in production server. There are difference scenarios, you might face while trying to delete a site SharePoint.

Nintex feature id in SharePoint

Nintex feature id error messages in SharePoint related to nintex workflow features, you may face. Similar to SharePoint feature id, you need the nintex feature id to get understand the error more.


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