connect server to existing farm-join web server

You need to connect server to existing farm in sharepoint. If due to some issue, you disconnected web front-end server from sharepoint farm. After issue resolution, you need to connect web front-end server back to exisiting server farm again. Follow step by step procedure below to join server to exisiting server farm.

  • Dialog box which open that informs services to be started or reset during configuration. Sharepoint administration service, Internet information services, sharepoint timer service will be restarted. Select Yes.
  • Next dialog, you find two options like connect to an existing server farm and create a new farm. Select Connect to an existing farm and click Next.
  • You might get skipped the step to fill details like Database server name and Database name.
  • Pass details like Database server name and click on Retrieve Database names. You see the Config database is populated automatically in field Database name.
join server to exisiting server farm
  • In Specify Farm Security Settings dialog, enter passphrase and click Next.
  • Specify Server Role and Select Front-end server present under Dedicated Roles and click Next.
connect web front-end server to existing farm
  • Running Configuration Wizard started.
  • Click on Finish. Central admin page will open.

Start site in IIS

Once connect server to existing server farm is completed, you can start site from IIS if in stopped state.

  • Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  • Notice site/sites status as stopped state.
  • Choose site that is in stopped state and click on Start from Action pane.

Verify site binding

Once site status is started, verify site binding.

  • Right click on site.
  • Select Edit Bindings.
  • Verify the binding. Verify the certificate is applied or not.

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